Lost my tablet pen. New one coming in on the 15th =-=

2014-09-06 08:18:18 by Amiralo

And I still have 27 pictures to color....lol.

So, If starting from the the 15th I color one CG every day and 3 every saturday, I will do like  9 every week, which will make the release date of saccharine in the middle of october.

*runs away from all the indignant repsonses*



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2014-09-30 10:35:23

^_^ Take your time!


2015-04-27 22:24:29

I've played all three of your sims. They are all amazing! Can't wait for your next one! :D


2015-07-20 00:54:08

I literally cried while playing all of your games. Your games make me think; I love that. I hope you can make more. Keep up the great work.
Also you have an amazing artistic style. You have what it takes to be a VERY well known artist. Take your time.


2015-08-26 20:23:34

Guah I literally started playing one game if yours (Ya knoow.. The Reverie: An Odd Sim Date) And I fell in looove <3 xD Keep up the the good work and I can't wait for your next game!! Mwah~


2015-08-26 20:23:53