2017-03-31 01:02:36 by Amiralo

I DID THE ART AND HELPED WITH THE EDITING! It's a collaboration haha

Shamelessly self promoting my contest. Enter if you want a free commision or some points haha.

P.S (I am working on a new otome game about vampires. Yay)

And I still have 27 pictures to

So, If starting from the the 15th I color one CG every day and 3 every saturday, I will do like  9 every week, which will make the release date of saccharine in the middle of october.

*runs away from all the indignant repsonses*


New sim date info!!!

2014-06-14 21:45:52 by Amiralo

So, I have recently finished the script of my next sim date, as well as the sprite art for the three bachelors and the heroine.

More info is here!

Hopefully I will be able to get this out late july- mid august. Wish me luck!!!